Thunder Compressor

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Designed for the modern adventurer, the Thunder compressor is the perfect solution for enthusiasts with limited space and a need for reliable equipment. With the tank easily separating from the compressor, the unit and tank can be installed independently of each other to maximise storage space when not in use.

Featuring an integrated circuit breaker, digital pressure gauge and eight metre polyurethane hose, the compressor produces up to 150 litres of air per minute from the six litre air tank, providing up to 30 minutes of continuous operation, inflating tyres and other camping equipment.

  • Unloading Air Flow: 150L per min
  • Maximum Working Time: 30 mins at 40PSI
  • Normal Working Current: 35 Amps
  • Maximum Working Current: 45 Amps


12 Volt 150L air compressor with 6.0L air tank

8m air line with 3/8″ fittings

Air inflator/deflator with digital gauge

Overheat protection: 105°C (in motor)

Compressor automatically cuts in and out to keep the air tank full and ready to go

Compressor can be separated with easy to use quick release bolts for use away from the tank

Standard 3/8″ female air fitting on tank and compressor so you can use your standard air hose