BMPro Battery Monitor BMPRO TREK3 Caravan Battery Monitor

BMPRO TREK3 Caravan Battery Monitor

BMPRO TREK3 Caravan Battery Monitor


Battery information and water tank levels on one screen

RV battery monitor Trek3 is a smart battery monitor able to learn the actual battery capacity with time and provide more accurate feedback to the user. It combines comprehensive battery data together with water tank level measurement on one screen in a sleek design.

Trek3 is designed to work with Battery Plus HA Battery Management System.


  • Battery voltage and charge status
  • Battery charging and discharging currents
  • Auxiliary and solar charging currents
  • Time remaining to discharge
  • Level indication of up to 4 water tanks
  • Time am/pm
  • Water pump status
  • Battery on/off status


  • Backlight can be set as a night light
  • Control 2 water pumps through BatteryPlus35
  • Function to disconnect the battery from the load
  • Includes OdysseyLink103 to enable SmartConnect and free Odyssey app

Product Specifications

Input Voltage 8V to 16V
Monitored Battery Capacity 50Ah to 600Ah
Visual Warning 11.0V (Low Battery)
Water Tank Monitoring Dipper or Tank Bungs
Clock 12hr or 24hr
Back light Configurable
Battery Drain < 22mA
Operating Temperature 10°C to 50°C
Dimensions W164mm x H108mm x D22mm
Installation Wall mounted