Accelerate Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning Battery Monitor BMPRO Drifter Battery Monitor

BMPRO Drifter Battery Monitor

BMPRO Drifter Battery Monitor


The DrifterBM continuously monitors 12 Volt lead acid batteries. This unit makes an accurate estimate of the remaining battery charge and allows the user to determine when a battery should be recharged. DrifterBM is compatible with any deep cycle 12 Volt Lead-Acid battery including Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA), Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Gel batteries, as well as traditional non-sealed batteries.

DrifterBM is permanently wired into your 12 Volt electrical system and continuously monitors battery voltage and charge/discharge current. It uses this information, together with several parameters that are set by the user, to model battery behaviour and to estimate actual charge in the battery. The current drain of the unit is only 3 mA, which is much less than the normal self-discharge of a battery.


  • Large LCD screen for day and night viewing
  • Low voltage warning
  • Displays remaining time left in battery
  • Displays battery volts and amps, charge/discharge status, and remaining capacity
  • Battery Charging and Discharging indicator
  • USB charging port
  • Clock and temperature gauge
  • Battery isolator switch
  • Compatible with any 12V lead acid battery