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Dc-Dc Chargers & Battery Isolators

When your out on the road (or off-road), at the beach, camping or just in need of a way to manage your 12V or 24V battery system, we have a range of DC Electrics to suit your needs. Our range of Dc-Dc chargers & Battery Isolators will keep your second battery charged while travelling! (This is how we keep your fridge working 😉)

The majority of our customers are off-road lovers, outback worriers or camping fanatics with the occasional seafaring request. Because we are 4 wheel driving and camping lovers ourselves we have taken extra care to make sure we can serve all of customers regardless of their passion.

The DC electrics we use are designed to be smart, high quality and work first time.

As a family owned business in Maroochydore QLD we have installed many of our products for locals as well as shipping them all over Australia. We've helped mates with all sorts of SUV's from Jeeps to BT50s keep their 2nd battery charged from their alternator or solar panels (we got those for you too). 

Redarc, Enerdrive, Voltech, Thunder and BMPRO DCDC chargers and Isolators so that you will always have more power than your mates. 

Depending on your vehicle make and model we have options to suit every dual battery system!